Steve Bodrog Bio

As a car mad boy I was very fortunate to secure an apprenticeship at the famous company of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.  At sixteen and leaving my home in West Yorkshire for the small Buckinghamshire town of Newport Pagnell I started my apprenticeship on the 3rd of September 1979.

Whilst covering many aspects of general engineering practice the nucleus of my position in the ‘panel shop’ was to learn the now rare trade of hand forming complex shapes from flat sheets of metal.  The traditional way the bodies were built there at the time.

After my four year apprenticeship and a further two years of experience I left Astons in 1985.  Moving into the highly specialised field of restoration and recreation of bodywork on rare and historically significant motor vehicles I had to learn many new skills.  Interpreting archive sources, familiarisation with period materials, construction methods, design trends and technical innovation to name a few.Whilst often working freehand, developing a spacial awareness and three dimensional mentality is also crucial in this field. 

Being involved in this environment over many years for me led to the quite natural step of needing to put some of my own creative ideas into practice through sculpture.Migrating from England to Australia in 1995 was the change of environment that I needed to start doing that.

I am particularly attracted to abstract forms and use mainly sheet metal as my medium which gives infinite scope for development and flexibility when working ‘free form’ as well as adding a visual lightness that compliments the work.The catalyst or inspiration comes from many sources, the natural world to industrial design or just a thought or emotion. Even a progression of contours and complimentary lines can be an inspiration in themselves leading me in a direction that I hadn’t previously envisaged.